We have an amazing variety of Dr. Martens boots and Oxfords, TUKs, and Fred Perry merchandise, including the Amy Winehouse Collection. With a huge selection of Tripp NYC apparel and much more!

  • Dr Martens

    Dr. Martens is a footwear brand that produces iconic boots and shoes known for their distinctive yellow stitching, air-cushioned soles, and durable construction.
    Dr Martens 
  • T.U.K

    Shoes for men, women, and children with styles that were inspired by the underground: made for bands, music fanatics, individuals, punks, and pin-ups.
    T.U.K Collection 
  • Fred Perry

    A preppy look with a side of British rock while sipping tea and playing tennis in your mothers back yard.
    Fred Perry Collection 
  • Tripp NYC

    Hot diggity damn. Live the punk rock life with Tripp NYC clothing from Dolls Kill. Rockers from All over the World Wear Tripp Nyc’s Infamous Skinny Jeans. Display ur IDGAF Attitude
    Tripp NYC Collection 
  • New Rock

    Stylish,edgy, rock ‘n’ roll footwear that commands attention
    New Rock Collection 
  • Gripfast Solovair

    Gripfast/ Solovair Boot is a classic work boot designed for durability, comfort, and safety.
    Gripfast Solovair Collection 
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