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George Cox 3876 V M/G Diano Monk Red

George Cox 3876 V M/G Diano Monk Red

George Cox

George Cox 3876 V M/G  Diano Monk Red

THE EXHIBITIONIST CREEPER (3976 V M/G MONK) Original. Outspoken. Audacious. Make a scene. MADE IN ENGLAND. The original “Buckle Diano” takes its punk heritage and keeps to the tradition of being uncompromising. No room for subtlety, this hall of famer doesn’t hold back. Buckle up, this shoe is going places. Goodyear welted to our V crepe sole to make a statement. 24mm front , 36mm back. Explore the bold confidence of English punk culture with these statement-making shoes. Made famous by their uncompromising design and Goodyear Welt construction, these creepers are ready to take you places. With a 24mm front platform and 36mm back sole, these shoes are sure to be noticed.


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