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1460 Sex Pistols Black Milled Greasy+Backhand Boot

1460 Sex Pistols Black Milled Greasy+Backhand Boot

Dr. Martens

1460 Sex Pistols  Black Milled Greasy+Backhand Boot

Make a bold statement with the 1460 SXP BLACK MILLED GREASY+BACKHAND BOOT – part of our collaboration with renowned London punk band, the Sex Pistols. The iconic 8-eye boot features bold design elements inspired by the band, such as a digitized print of bass player Sid Vicious, flat neon pink and yellow laces, neon pink and yellow heel-loops and a visible yellow welt-stitching. Constructed with Dr. Martens' trademark air-cushioned sole and a Goodyear welt, this boot is made from Backhand Straw Grain full-grain leather with a crosshatch texture and digitally printed. The size runs true to US standards, with a little extra room for breathability or thicker socks, and UK size is printed on the shoe.


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Care Instructions

Do up the buttons and straighten the collar upwards, then turn inside out.

If you’ve been out dancing around at your local gig venue, wash it at 40˚c to get it really fresh.

If your shirt isn’t so dirty, wash it at 30˚c, or better yet, why not wear it again.


After washing, gently re-shape your Fred Perry Shirt whilst it’s still damp.

Please, steer clear of the tumble dryer. It hates your clothes.

Hang your Fred Perry Shirts up inside out and either dry flat, or line dry in a shady spot.

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