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Normal is boring! Get ready to hit the stage or the streets in these vulcanized sneakers that reimagines our former creeper sneaker silhouette with bold & modern twists. Features one of our popular upper styles of black leather with classic D-rings & iconic interlace detailing along the front.

The VLK collection features a more streamlined and sleeker look compared to our past creeper sneaker designs. In addition to its' updated form, the vulcanized sneakers have removable insoles with a 3mm layer of memory foam and a lightly padded tongue for added comfort. VLK brings to you everyday wearability with a clean style while incorporating the edge & originality that T.U.K. is known for.

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Care Instructions

We advise the following to keep your new shoes as safe as possible: 1. Water and stain resistance Rain and Stain Repellent, which costs about $10 per bottle, is a great option for shielding your shoes from mud, water, snow, and other stains. Spray your footwear both before and after wearing them. 2. Preventing wear and tear. It is advised to wear shoes at least a few times every month. Three. Upkeep. Depending on how often you wear them, we strongly advise cleaning your shoes on a regular basis. Depending on the substance, there are several cleaning techniques. A leather lotion applied with a soft cloth can polish and condition leather. Although there are dedicated suede brushes available, a fresh toothbrush works just as well. The suede looks best when brushed. A stain protector should be applied to the fabric. Shoe trees, sometimes known as shoe guardians, are also very advantageous to shoes. These wooden objects, which are placed within the shoe, assist in keeping the shoe's shape and mold. Shoe trees can help a shoe last an additional four or five years mobility is advantageous to the sole material, especially in extremely hot or extremely cold regions. The bottoms of shoes that have been stored in a closet for several months or years may get hard and even crack. Three. Upkeep. Depending on how often you wear them, we strongly advise cleaning your shoes on a regular basis.

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