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Tartan Long Sleeve

Tartan Long Sleeve

Fred Perry

This was the style that rocketed Fred Perry to streetwear stardom! It's the iconic piece of subcultural uniform with all of the design details from the OG. This classic polo shirt is made in Leicester, England — where it was first crafted by Fred Perry in the '50s. Fun fact: a buyer from Lillywhites asked to add football team colors, thus creating the brand's signature twin tipping! These hues are inspired by the tones found in the original catalogs. A bit shorter in length. 100% cotton. Toss it in the wash.

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Care Instructions

Do up the buttons and straighten the collar upwards, then turn inside out.

If you’ve been out dancing around at your local gig venue, wash it at 40˚c to get it really fresh.

If your shirt isn’t so dirty, wash it at 30˚c, or better yet, why not wear it again.


After washing, gently re-shape your Fred Perry Shirt whilst it’s still damp.

Please, steer clear of the tumble dryer. It hates your clothes.

Hang your Fred Perry Shirts up inside out and either dry flat, or line dry in a shady spot.

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